REVIEW @ XUE XUE, Taipei // Prototype 1


On the second day in Taipei the five studios from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Syracuse met at the Xue Xue Institute to take a tour then hold a speed review. The aim of the speed review was to allow the studios to share their approach and progress in tackling the design of a cultural complex on the Taipei Railway site. In preparing for the visit to Taipei the New York City studio prepared prototype 1 studies that were initial studies of applying the design models, which were created earlier on in the semester, to certain scales and program. The design models, which were driven through components and operations, had to take on specific programs at certain scales during this process to start speculating possible translations of the operations at hand. This step was necessary in understanding how the operations and components that had been studied during the design model process could accommodate specific conditions posed by the varying scales that would have to be applied on the Taipei Railway site. Below are the various speculations made by the NYC studio:

Ana Taboada

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_01


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_02

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_03

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_04


Noopur Sura


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_05

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_06

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_07

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_08

Richard Camastra




140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_09

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_10


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_11

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_12

Patricia Olivera


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_13

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_14

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_16

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_15

Aiym Zhumasheva


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_17

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_18


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_19

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_20

Rocio Santo-Tomas

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_21

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_22

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_23

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_24



140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_25

Roberto de Vicente

Roberto de Vicente Pina_Page_1

Roberto de Vicente Pina_Page_2


Roberto de Vicente Pina_Page_3

Lara Moock

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_28

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_29


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_30

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_31

Ensam Lee

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_32


140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_33

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_34

140308 SCALE 1_ALL_Page_35



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