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The Asia Museum by Ando, located in Taichung, is an important trademark to the new and upcoming school, Asia University, as well the rest of the world in terms of its uniqueness of being the first museum located on a university campus. The building was constructed in 2011 and opened two years later. The basic formal organization is based on a set of three triangles stacked on top of each other. Each of the triangles represents a floor that is pushed in a different direction. The rigorous triangulation continues on the interior among the art collection. The furniture, structure and light apertures elegantly incorporate the formal geometry of the triangle. Besides the art exhibition that extends through all three floors, the ground floor contains a café, a shop and a lecture hall. The first and second floor houses only art and are mirrored opposites of each other compositionally.

1537918_10203443020939109_815757403_o   DSC_0699

The entire building is constructed with extreme precision and meticulous articulation. Every piece of concrete is in perfect alignment with the overarching grid of the façade. The diagonal grid on the ground plane aligns perfectly with the triangular geometry.

The façade is determined by the horizontal mullions, exposed concrete surfaces, as well as the V-shaped structural columns. Most of the façade remains out of glass which provides a certain transparency to the art work and provides a visible display for the campus.


Ando is not only known for his exquisite attention to detail but also his knowledge in exposed concrete. The museum is made primarily out of concrete that has not been coated or painted. The smooth and soft feel of the cold concrete adds a great sensorial experience for the visitor.

DSC_0629   DSC_0686

After flowing through the spaces you end up at the bookstore that houses the cafe on the ground floor. The ceiling is dominated by the accumulation of triangulated light fixtures and visitors get to enjoy the well-lit space with a coffee and either browsing through the various books about Taiwan, admiring the exposed concrete and the floor to floor structural trusses or the exterior view onto a main entrance of the campus of Asia University.

1964840_10203443019579075_539009924_nCredit: Tope Olujobi





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