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Address: No. 21, Sec. 1, Minsheng E. Rd., Zhongshan
Dist., Taipei City 104, TAIWAN R.O.C

Institution Type: non-profit, (Parent Company: Jut Group_Land Development Company

Open Hours:(URS21)

10.00 – 18.00 (Closed on Monday)


JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture, established based on a construction parent company in 2007, wishes to create high-quality living space and art exhibitions from architectural, art, and cultural perspective. It also aims at developing cultural education and expanding the concerned minority environment to the ideal structure of group environment.

Based on the architectural profession of its parent company, the foundation integrates the innovation energy of art, creative industry, and culture by coordinating the expertise of architects, artists, and cultural professionals vertically. Through the organization of 〈 MUSEUM of TOMORROW 〉,〈 JUT Architecture Academy 〉,〈 Project UrbanCore 〉,and the other events related to architecture, art, and culture, the energies of art and culture meet on the basis of architecture. The interaction of the energies creates a stable and practical platform of development

URS 21:   Chung Shan Creative Hub URS21


Photo credit to: Jonathan Solomon

This space is part of the Urban Regeneration Stations (see blog related)

This particular site was built in 1972 and once belonged to “Taiwan Tobacco and Loquor Corporation Distribution” as its retail store house.

In 2002 the abolishment of the monopoly system closed the door of the Zhongshan Distribution site. The space recorded the transition of two eras while it marked the boundary between the public and the private property.

Hub URS21 is the second creative hub of “Project UrbanCore”, a two-year project from September of 2011 to June of 2013.

It follows three major ideas: Urban regeneration, local connectivity and cluster of cultural & creative industries, in order to regenerate the spaces and connect it with the community, as part of a new network. It is made to be a platform for cultural and creative industries, and was our Headquarters during the Workshop in Taipei.

It has been dedicated to the promotion of art, and has partnered with other artists to activate the space (such as AhdiaONe and Candy Bird, Jam Wu, Chou Yucheng and others)

By partnering with artist they hope to showcase art that takes into consideration the surrounding environment as well as the larger historical context.


The field is open to the general public, so residents from the neighborhood or those who pass by can take a stroll and enjoy the atmosphere

The lecture room is behind the information desk at the entrance and next to the restaurant. Its location encourages visitors in the plaza and restaurant to walk by. The size is about 86 square meteres with the capacity of 60-90 people.

The N1 is the Project space, and it was the space where we worked. Since there is no partitions it offered a lot of possibilities. The size is about 248 square meters with the capacity of 100-150 people. It can contain exhibition, theatre performances, concerts, press conferences, parties… They have a similar space in the second floor.


Photo credit to: Noopur Sura

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