A Walking Tour of the West Side with the Transit Museum

The New York City Transit Museum is an institution that not only houses a vast collection of New York City’s transportation history but also holds tours that focus of the specific history of certain key areas along with new nodes of related urban development.

On one of the nicer days of spring I was privileged to take a tour provided by the Transit Museum that centered on the history and development of the 7 line which runs from Flushing Queens through 42nd street and Times Square. We first met at the Queensboro Plaza station in Long Island City. From there we hopped on a 7 train and made our way towards Grand Central station and than to 42nd street where we began our walk. We toured the area of the Hudson yards and learned of the new 7 line station that is being added to the route. It is located at 34th street and eleventh avenue. Finally we made our way to he High Line which it is not only a historical remnant of a major transportation system within the meat parking district but it also stands as one of the largest current urban development projects and is swiftly becoming a major tourist attraction. The new 7 station i expected to open by November of this year while Phase 3 of the High Line is planned to open by 2015 and to be completed as the Hudson Yards project is further developed.







More information on the transit Museum, the number 7 line and the High Line can be found at the links below:


MTA Transit Museum – http://web.mta.info/mta/museum/

Number 7 Line – http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/sevenlin.htm


NYC High Line – http://ny.curbed.com/tags/high-line-construction-chronicles




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