Student Presentation of Site Analysis



After two days/nights of exploring the city, however far we were able to get, each group was asked to present their initial thoughts of the site and present their ideas post research. Among the studios the initial site idea were presented through the use of a variety of mediums including stop-motion animation, diagramming, photography, along with varied sketching techniques.


Hong Kong University – The Hong Kong studio headed by David Ergman analyzed a variety of different points regarding the site. They used video, photo collage along with basic diagrams to show the iconic buildings, the profiles and general heights of the surrounding context, and formal typologies in a new light


Jimenez Lai – Jimenez Lai’s studio focused their efforts on speculative possibilities regarding the use of transitional moments to the site within their architectural comic books; their primary studio assignment. Some members of the group also worked with using exquisite corpse type representations in order to understand and render different typologies and key aspects of Taipei together in a conglomerate image.


Oiler/Wu – The studio of Dwayne Oiler and Jenny Wu used digital hybrid, parabolic drawings in order to diagrammatically render certain key features of the urban fabric including mass densities and traffic tendencies around the site.

02_SU Boot Camp 05

Angela Co – Through the use of stop-motion animation along with black and white stills, the co studio attempted to render the character of the site regarding its market culture, aesthetic typologies along with other key social aspects.



Below are some articles that have been circulation concerning the trip and the charette

RTI (Radio Taiwan Internantional) Interview _

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